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Re: NFC: Algae control

I still say a half a dozen Bluntnose minnows and Fathead minnows will
graze that stuff down for you really quick.  It's cheaper that way,
expecially if you get some 'rosey reds' at the LFS.


On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Brian T. Perkins wrote:

>   BBA is a pain and I had it really, really, bad in my 90g plant
> >show tanks.  Got a rubber nose plec* who did a nice job (until he died)
> At what temps. were you keeping you 90 g tanks when you had the plecos?
> Although my first choice would be to use a native Algae-eater, I was reading
> in Baensch that the common Otocinclus fish are good down to 68 F or so.  Has
> anyone have any luck with keeping them on the cold side? Are they good for
> BBA, etc.?  I think I may get some and try to acclimate them in, I'll let
> you know how it comes out.  Does anyone have a line on the so-called "amano"
> shrimp?
> Brian