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Re: NFC: Algae control

Alga-haters everywhere,

>>I have are the Black Brush (BBA) and  minor growth of some  filamentous,
>>green stuff.

The following comment by Mark Binkley to entice MM out of hiding:

>Seems like someone said that black stuff is promoted by Phosphorus.  Matt,
>you out there?  I can't remember.  Maybe check with Matt Mason,
>mason.163 at osu_edu

Yep, phosphates and nitrates are the two biggest causants of algae
outbreats.  Brown algae is bacause of a nitrate bloom.  Slime (BGA) is from
anoxic conditions with high phosphates and nitrates.  Green water is caused
by an ammonia spike.  Filamentous is phosphate and nitrate derived.  BBA is
from sulphates, phosphates, and nitrates.  The worst offendor has to be BGA
since it covers the plant leaves and smothers them.  I have a really bad
case of BGA in a 29g with a funky substrate (the primary casue of my woes).
I have added a powerhead to stir the bottom so I hope to rid the problem
with water movement and water changes.  I have had success in the past with
water movement to reduce BGA.  I have also used erythromycin but getting
into that debate could get huge around here.  It does work really well by
one MUST stay on top of the problem of you will develop a case of
resistance BGA and that SUCKS!!!!  If anyone wishes to know the protocol
for erythromycin treatment let me know.  It is fairly easy to rid with the
treatment.  BBA is a pain and I had it really, really, bad in my 90g plant
show tanks.  Got a rubber nose plec* who did a nice job (until he died) and
also had some Amano shrimp - the fish ate all but one of them - I found his
last week when I did a major tank thinning and he swam from the java ferns.
Both do a great job but it takes a lot of time and patiences for the stuff
to finally go away - or at least not very noticable.  Very, very young SAEs
will eat the stuff but do not count on their help as they get older.  Even
starving them will not work - i've tried it. ;-)

Hope that helped!

Matthew T. Mason
Doctoral Student
The Ohio State University
Department of Molecular Genetics
mason.163 at osu_edu

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