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Re: NFC: Pledge

As many of you know. We are in the proccess of putting Credit cards on
the NFC website. This will allow you to purchase donated items, join
online, donate online,  etc....This will cost about 600$ to get setup. We
have done a lot of research on this topic and the 600$ was the best deal
out there.

With the nearly 1000$ we spent on our 501c status and the several
thousands in startup costs in getting incorperated, getting the flier out
etc we would like to avoid useing general funds to set up the credit
card.  So we are asking you the members to donate for this special use.
Please donate just a small amount it makes a big difference. It takes
many hands big and small to make conservation work.So far 125$ has been
donated . Thanks again.  

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com or  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/

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