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Re: NFC: Algae control

Flagfish and mollies are good algae eaters at warmer temps.  I use 
Ramshorn Snails (both brown and red) in my tanks to control algae if 
they do not contain herbivorous fish.  The best way to control algae is 
the addition of live plants, which are much better at using up any 
nutrients in the water which are due to overstocking of fish, lack of 
plants or lack of sufficient water changes (10-25% every week or two) 
using a gravel head on the siphon tube to remove uneaten food, feces, 
etc. from the gravel.  This is especially important if you use 
undergravel filtration, which should be cleaned weekly.  For fish which 
require ultra-clean water, power filters or canister filters should be 
coupled with more frequent cleanings/water changes, say twice a week.

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>Dear all,
>Has anyone faced algae problems in their cooler Native fishtanks? If, 
>what strategies resolved the issue for you?  I understand that Am. Flag
>Killes eat some forms of algae. Do the "traditional" algae eating fish
>survive the cooler temps? Snails perhaps? Shrimp?

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