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NFC: Forwarded SPAM stuff.

Ok, we all had fun making fun of Martin (I think it was him... I delete
too fast, :) and his Disney Bit. :)  
This is the classic SPAM that gets forwarded by (pardon the expression)
unwitting fellows who read this stuff, say "Wow, neat!" and bite the line.
It simply isn't true.  99.99999% percent of the stuff you read out there
like that is wrong.  If people are forwarding things en masse, its
nonsense, its bunk.  -=IF=- that tracking program was in existance, and
all that mail got sent out, it'd most likely cuase mass crashings of many
I had to scroll down that message to 85%% to even find a real message, the
rest being just headers.  it was a HUGE message that was actually no
longer than what I've typed so far.  Smaller ISPs simply can't handle that
kind of stuff... If everynoe on Paul got a copy, it'd probably crash.
Actwin probably lagged up sending it out.  
Every year -- this, sadly, may sound like the silliness you read in those
messages, but is true -- false virus warnings (This one will make your
refrigerator light stay on, no matter what the condition of the door!),
cookie recipes, and other chain messages and such cause mhundreds of
millions of dollars worth of damage (either thru crashing smaller ISPs,
lagging routers, delaying other mail, messing with queues, etc., not to
mention the foolish people who'll go out and do stuff (like buy antivirus
software so they can breath easy, should they ever get that e-mail)), over
100X the ammount of damage REAL viruses distributed by e-mail and such can
cause. Especially true on lists, where hundreds receive the mail...
Some simple facts about viruses, as they're the big ones. . .  The only
way you can get a virus on your computer is by downloading and executing
an executable... you cannot get it by downloading HTM,txt, JPG, or zip
files (though a virus may be included in an executable in a zip file).
These files are programs that do stuff -- things tha (for DOS/Windows
users) would end in .exe, .bat, etc.  

Whoever did send out that e-mail, I'm going into my backlog to check
momentarily, this is your first warning, as per the NFC List Regs.

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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