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Re: NFC: Disney email is JUNK (fwd)

He just has to wait for that big quake, right? >)

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Dwight...Hi... I live in Arizona and would like to sell you some property
that overlooks a beautiful beach on the ocean.......<G>

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>Sorry.  I thought it was a legitimate post.
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>> Pardon me ... but this message is bull sh*t. Disney and Microsoft
>>hate each other's guts. Microsnot would not even know what &!@#!%%
>>is - much less track it. Tracking email is impossible (beta mail
>>tracking, indeed!).
>> Sorry. Chain letters and pyramid schemes just make me mad!
>> Needless to say, friends, do not send that email to anyone else.
>>Do your part in saving the electronic environment :)
>Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com