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Re: NFC: Got Books!

> actually   the "Aquarium" you mentioned from the 30s sounds intriguing, is it
> a mag. or a book?   Does anyone have any recources for "old" books?   It's
> another passion of mine.
> TIA     Daryl
These are magazines.  Jay Delong (bless him) gave me a book he 
came across at a used book store called _Aquarium Highlights_ 
which contained articles from that publication.  Since then, I've 
found several copies available on the internet for just a few dollars 
(go to www.bibliophile.com).  The most interesting thing to me 
about this older literature is the advertisements.  I got hooked on 
_The Aquarium_ when I was a college student.  The library had 
several bound volumes of back issues (mostly from the 50's), which 
I greatly enjoyed reading.

My wife always keeps an eye out for old books for me.  She 
brought home a copy of _Mutiny on the Bounty_ the other day, 
which she paid about $0.25 for at a garage sale.  Turned out to be 
a first edition!  



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