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Re: NFC: Scientific Collector Permit

Contact Dwight about those specific states...You will NOT need any othe
licenses with a collecting permit.....I know we are working on several in
the Midwest...

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999 19:42:05 EST CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
>I posted this originally on 12-16-98 but never got a reply.  Since I 
>seriously interested, figured I would try again. I figure everyone was 
>getting ready for holidays. 
><<<<Where do we stand on the SCP permits for particularly Indiana but 
>Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee and Arizona?  These are the states I 
>collect or
>have occasion to collect in.
>If for instances I travel to one of the states we are licensed in, 
>what do I
>need to do to collect under it?  What help can I give to the 
>while I am there?  Who do I contact?  Will I also need a state 
>Thank you,
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA >>>>>

Robert Rice
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