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NFC: NFC Project Update ! Lowery Park ZOO

Attached is an Update on the Lowery Park Zoo tank...NFC input included
the plants, fish and consulting on a conservation theme for the display.
We wanted to point out the value of these smaller waterways....We will
continue to partner with other Public Zoos and aquariums as we grow.
Hopefully the Breeders club can be a assett in these Zoo/Aquarium
projects in the forceable future.

Robert Rice
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Hi! Happy Holidays!
The plant tank is doing well. Graphics are up... at least some of them.
exhibit is titled Roadside Niches...Roadside Riches.
The fish are doing well as are the plants, except the Cabomba doesn't
to be thriving. Any suggestions? The Val and the Nufar that you brought
is doing great though.
Robert, We lost our Blackbanded Sunfish a while back. Any chance of

Sorry, I've been out of touch. I've been swamped with work for our 5 year
reaccreditation inspection and I lost my main aquarist to a great job in
Ruskin as a Biologist for UF on their Research Fish Farm. Oh, Well.
Teryl Nolan :)