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Hello Native fish Folks,

We at the NFC are ready to upgrade the website and start takeing credit
cards on the site. With this new ability you will be able to join online,
auction online , give donations online, and buy donated Products online.
We are confident that this will dramaticly improve the way we do things
and make it easier for folks to help us. To effect real change in the
conservation of our Native Fishes will take significant effort by our
members and significant capital. This  move is another step in building
the NFC.

To set all this up will cost 600$. We would like to avoid takeing this
out of the general fund, so we are doing a special fund raiser. Please
give generously to this needed project. Ive taken the liberty of offering
some imcemtives for gifts above 25$ look below and thanks again . Email
me or the list with your pledges.

25$ Donation 1 Tommelleri Prints from a list of species supplied by Joe

50$ donation Print  plus a Anglers Field  guide to Trout

600$ donation all of the above plus 9 prints plus the  entire 40-50 cans
of  fish food , filter media and odds ends in the NFC donated items vault
:) ( I can dream Cant I )

btw we dont take credit cards on this fund raiser  :)

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com or  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/