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NFC: Fw: add link/source for brine shrimp....

FYI folks.....

Robert Rice
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Dear Robert and Bill,

I've been following the NFC bulletin board for a while now and was 
impressed with amount of interest in maintaining native aquatic species. 
 I'm not sure if the majority of the native fish fry require live brine 
shrimp during the early stages but if so, I would like to have our
considered for addition to your "links" page under "commercial links".

We are an online aquarium feed company called, "Brine Shrimp Direct" and 
can be found at http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com.  We manufacture and 
process brine shrimp eggs and flake food at our plant in Utah and are now

selling direct to fish breeders.

Thanks for your consideration.  Best of luck in the new year!
tech at brineshrimpdirect_com

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