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NFC: Re: Re: Challenge to this list.....

I am living in Portland, Oregon, and I would be interested in learning more
about the Tualatin Riverkeepers.

The North American Native Fishes Association:  over
20 years of conservation efforts, public education, and
aquarium study of our native fishes.  Check it out at

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Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 4:29 PM
Subject: NFC: Re: Challenge to this list.....

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>Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 1:48 PM
>Subject: NFC: Challenge to this list.....
> Initiate, fund and complete
>>a small conservation project. it does not matter wether ultimatly the
>>funds go to the NFC, Audobon, Nature Conservacy any legit organization..I
>>can help with some of the logistics but Id like to see some of you folks
>>get off the ball and tell me what you want to do.....1000 bucks to XYZ
>>project would be a real good challenge for this list......
>I just recently joined a group call "Tualatin Riverkeepers"- volunteers
>dedicated to helping the Tualatin River return to a healthier state and by
>extension increasing the health of all those who live along it's banks,
>recreate in it's water, etc. Perhaps there is a small scale project that
>they have been contemplating that needs a little kick in the butt to get
>moving. Robert are you suggesting we try and fund these through a
>from the NFC membership? I will find out what sorts of collaboration this
>"Riverkeepers" group is ready for/ interested in and report back....  Are
>there similar outfits in other localities around the country?  (I'm in
>Oregon- near Portland)
>Happy New Year!