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NFC: Sailfin Shinres

Hey all,
  Other day, I got in the long awaited shipment of Sailfin's from RR.
Things kept happening to both of us to delay these poor guys, but, thats
another story.  I have to say to anyone who's thought about getting these
guys -- do it... they're absolutely spectacular!  The older SF went nuts
over the arrival of his new kin. :)  They all sharpened up markedly.  Al
are doing well in the planted tank.  The colours are ... beyond
description.  Imagine if your vision could be sharpened a score-fold, and
all colours enhanced a score upon that... and you looked upon the most
beautiful ever born White Cloud Mountain Minnow, who's grand father was
half serpae tetra... and you'd have the palest of these.  They are
litteraly beyond most tropicals that I've seen.  They're incredibly hardy.
In my tank, where temperatures change pretty greatly baseed on the time of
day... where the water quality isn't as good as can be... and where theres
plenty of noise... I've had only a few losses -- of fresh fish.  (The
tank's in a college dorm... I'm rarely able to do water changes, the
light's too close to the water, and.. well, its a college dorm.)  
  These guys are well worth ordering... I'm going to attempt to breed
mine.  EVERY single person who has seen these guys has either asked for a
few, or marveled at their colour. :)  

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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