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NFC: (no subject)

Martin asks what will you do when someone outside the NFC asks for NFC
sanctioning on collecting...Well I think it would need to be taken on a case
by case basis...Lets say Dolphin international wanted to have a fulltime
collecting team in south florida removing exotics...they wanted a NFC
sanctioning for marketing purposes and in return they were willing to donated
X$ to the nFC....Probably that would work....As long as we could agree on a
few things 

Now lets say Hector from Miami does not want to join the NFC, the ERP program
and wants to get NFC sanctioning for his startup collecting bussiness...That
would likley not work because of the lack of accountability

Those are two loose examples but it does show the possibilities are out there
...Id be thrilled to have no exotics in south florida , all the native fish
life histories documented, and the pet trade doing a nice bussiness in local
species with every 4h club , scout troop doing native fish
projects.......Until then we carry on.....If no Aquarist want to do stuff in
the nFC thats ok too.....We just keep moving on on what we believe is right.