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Re: NFC: rare pine tree

-> I collect odd trees in addition to my fish in my greenhouse. You're 
-> driving me crazy not telling me what kind of pine it was, does anyone 
-> know? And I still don't see what the big deal is about collecting and 
-> sell fish to be kept in aquariums, at least they don't get a short 
-> lesson in how to swim in hot grease. Sport fishing harvesting is no 
-> different from aquarium harvesting, or commercial harvesting.

Actually there are some major differences.  How many of us collectors go
out in a boat that spews gas in our waterways or dumps oil?  How many of
us collectors take coolers of beer and soda and then discard the trash
in our waterways?  Probably very few if any. Probably many of you are
like me, you take a plastic bag with you and you always take some
garbage from the streams and dispose of it in a trash can, so that you
just do not take fish from the wild but also those things that spoil
our view of the wild. Sport fishing has done its fair share to destroy
the environment, including the introduction of sport fish well out of
their natural range.  We really need to get the sport fishermen, and
more importantly the weekend recreational water user, in a
conservationist mode. My point here is not to rail against sport
fishermen, I am sure its just a small percentage  that dump bottles and
cans in our lakes and  streams and that the majority are probably just
as environment conscious as we are.