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Re: Re: NFC: Me on Detractors and stuff

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Subject:        	Re:  Re: NFC: Me on Detractors and stuff
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> 			First of all, I am not sanctioned because I give a percentage of the meager
> profits from personal fish sales to the NFC, but instead, for my responsible
> practices and active role as conservationist. It represents NFC's confidence
> that I act as a responsible representative in accordance with our guidelines
> and within the laws of state and federal governing bodies. The same sanctions
> will be accorded the members in the Breeders Program as the NFC backs, with
> confidence, active conservation efforts by members documenting behaviours of
> the subjects in the program. Sales from these programs are a side benefit to
> thier actual purpose  and well within responsible stewardship and the need to
> fund NFC.
> 			Here is a description of my own collecting practices and long term goals in
> my activivist role as conservationist in the NFC.


Just for the record, I never doubted that you were collecting 
responsibly, Daryl, or that Robert would endorse such collecting for 
the mere sake of a buck.  It doesn't seem likely that any NFC 
member would try to profit from the destruction of our fishes.  But 
here's a big question:  Suppose a Non-NFC member wanted to do 
the same thing.  Say it was an individual or even a corporation.  
THEN how would everybody feel about endorsing them?



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