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Re: NFC: a few pointsa....

>>2. Fish are a renewable resource. Why should people have a double
>>standard of fish use. IE Fishing is OK , collecting is bad.We should
>>propose reasonable use practices by everyone. From fisheries mangers to

    Sport fishing and the conservation and management  of the industry is
financially supported, in part, by license fees and a tax that is placed on
any item sold for outdoor sports use (Dingle-Johnson Act).  When you buy a
lure, rod and reel, etc., a portion of that money goes to the state where
the item was sold to be used for conservation and management of the species.
This also applies to hunting equipment, camping equipment, etc.
     Sports items sales and licensing  also provide income from collectors,
like us.  Unfortunatly, most of the income comes from the sports fishermen,
so that's where it tends to be spent. Some of the money is used for habitat
preservation and conservation (Wildlife Management areas) , so we do have a
share in it.

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