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Here's a second example: The Nature Conservancy is also selling native 
plants and seeds which are from its conservation lands in the Great 
Lakes region, to not only raise awareness of these special plants but 
also to raise funds to use for further conservation work.  Each plant 
comes with an informational plastic stake that describes the plant and 
the use of the funds generated by its sale.

Certainly, if the Nature Conservancy can sell native plants to raise 
funds for native plant conservation, it seems only natural that the 
Native Fish Conservancy can sell fish for fish conservation.

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>Heres 1
>The Nature conservancy in their OCt issue is selling a particular type 
>rare pine tree through local nurserys ...made from cuttings as part of 
>replanting program. The proceeds of the sales allow them to plant a 
>larger amount back in the wild. 
>On Wed, 16 Dec 1998 01:00:57 -0600 "D. Martin Moore"
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>>>   Most conservation orgs. have profit making ventues.  They sell 
>>> magazines, etc.  This money goes to cover their other ventures.
>>No problem, there.  But show me ONE of these orgainisations that 
>>is hawking the very thing they proclaim to be protecting!
>>>  We have
>>> another good we can hawk, to help fund... exotics.  People want 
>>> They buy them -- whether their exotics or fished from central 
>>> Wheres the harm?
>>Exotics?  No problem, I've already stated as much.  Natives?  
>>Different story!
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