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Re: NFC: a few pointsa....

Which is EXACTLY why the NFC is getting Scientific Collection Permits  
from a great number of states, to avoid running afoul of this very 
problem.  Having an SCP eliminates the possibility of a native fish 
collector getting busted for possession of a non-game "game fish" which 
one could not reasonably expect to capture by hook and line fishing.

PS: I am told that our VT permit should be issued soon, so we will have 
received SCP's from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York 
and Arkansas.  I have received the application forms and other info from 
a number of other eastern seaboard states and will be sending them in 
within the next few weeks.

PPS: I would advise everyone to CAREFULLY read their fishing 
regulations, especially the listings of game fish and bait fish.  In a 
number of states, baitfish can be taken FOR HOOK AND LINE FISHING ONLY.  
Other purposes, such as aquarium study, require an SCP, however, an SCP 
often can be used to legally capture fish which are not classified as 
baitfish.  The NFC seems to be fairly successful at getting these 
permits, which prevent potential problems with wardens whose working 
definitions may be different from your own.  Strongly suggest that 
persons wishing to collect natives let me know what you would like to 
collect, how many, and where.  I can put you down as an authorized agent 
in a SCP application and keep you out of trouble.

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>That double standard is alive and well in NC, collecting game fish is a 
>but game fish are named by family instead of species. That means that 
>spotted sunfish are game fish as are many other fish to small to catch 
on hook
>and line. People don't even know these fish exist, except when they are 
>in a minnow trap and assumed to be baby blue gills.

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