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NFC: DP --Re: NANFA-- Small Turtle Was: Collecting

You should also try the CNAAR site. (Center for North American Amphibians
And Reptiles).  Use key word CNAAR in you search.  If it's not on the
NANFA and NFC links pages...it should be.


On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Dave  Littlehale wrote:

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> I almost forgot, I caught a small
> turtle, about the size of a nickel,
> with a
> very high pyramid shaped shell.
>                      Michael
> Check the head; if there are two lines
> on each side it is probably a stinkpot
> turtle (Sternotherus odoratus).  
> Another possibility is a snapping
> turtle.  A good book for ID'ing baby
> turtles is Peterson's.  They have a
> couple of plates (#3 & 4) dedicated to 
> young turtles.  I'm no expert, and
> there are certainly more herp
> authorities on the list (Jeff F.) to
> steer you in the right direction. 
> Where was it collected?
> Dave
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