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NFC: RE: Me on Detractors and stuff

Josh said:
> Hey all,
>   The arthritis in my hands is really acting up.. so please forgive my
> brevity.  

I'm sorry to hear of your arthritis, Josh.  I don't want to cause you any
more pain, so I'll just make a brief comment on your comments.  I just
signed on to this list yesterday to immediately find NANFA vs NFC messages.
My first thought was that you talk about this all the time, but someone just
pointed out that this isn't generally the case.

> NFC vs. NANFA:
>   The last thing I think anyone in either (or both) orgs want is a
> "faction war."  NFC and NANFA have different goals and 
> ideas.... lets face it, thats part of the reason NFC was founded.  They 
> shouldn't be viewed as
> two giants trying to duke it out, where only one can survive.  The two
> orgs have different member bases and spectrums, a fact that should be.
> Now, where our goals and such overlap, theres little need for any
> detraction or war.  The only thing this does is make things a 
> littl harder on both orgs.  

It's so funny to me to read statements like this about different NFC and
NANFA goals and ideas and philosophies.  Most everyone knows we all have
same goals and interests, and many of the same members.  We're two similar
organizations with common interests separated by egos and misinformation.
This is really an unnecessary topic and I wish to drop it.  This world's big
enough for a thousand native fish organizations and I'll belong to all that
will have me.

I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  Peace on
Earth.  E-peace :-)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA