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Re: NFC: NFC "sanctions"?

Hey Folks,
					Well, I knew this topic would be discussed at some point and am happy at
the intelligent approach being given it.
				Sanctioning-  Robert and I developed the ERP into a full blown Project in
a matter of days. Part of our strategy was to gather volunteers for the
program to help with our removal goals and provide the fish needed to fulfill
our contracts to help fund NFC. Volunteerism , as most of you know, is a hard
sell at best. One stratigy we are toying with is to encourage, if not intice,
others to become involved in the conservation efforts of the ERP with the
potential of making a "little" money on the side to offset the costs of their
hobby. I do not believe this in any way diminishes the validity of the ERP or
NFC as active conservationsts. Face it folks, we are a capitolist society, and
the promise of the green can be a powerful incentive. We are, quite frankly,
expoilting the exotics for fundraising for NFC, to help maintain our projects
and eventually lift the financial burden off the shoulders of those in NFC who
are spending out of pocket and go on to fund further conservation. A recent
example, I provided in excess of 200 fish, both exotic and natives, in
November to 2 society auctions up north which produced over 500 dollars for
the NFC. I made NO profit from these events. This is part of my continuing
effort in conservation and fund raising for the NFC through the ERP.  NFC
santioned me as a measure to validate me as an "activist" in our conservation
efforts and as a "guaranty" that the fish I provide are exactly what we say
they are, exotic fish captured from the wild in south Florida in a
conservation effort designed to reduce the exotic populations. I went into the
sales end of the fish buisiness because my employment situation has been
tenuous at best for a couple of years. It is a way for me to keep up with the
costs of living and maintain my efforts in ERP and the NFC. I will not be a
millionaire with this  : P    but it does help keep up with the expences as I
continue to gather tanks and hardware I will use for the ERP and Breeders
programs. Yes, thats right, I will be breeding a few interesting natives with
a potential for bringing in more proceeds for the NFC. So you see, I am a
santioned activist for the NFC, and a percentage of my own sales also go to
the NFC. It's a win win situation for all. And yes, I work completely within
the State and Federal laws governing fishing in Florida.
						Euthenasia- I know we will at some point come under fire by the "animal
right's" zealots for our methods in putting down the fish. I currently use the
freezing method. It is common for people to put human feelings and responces
onto the animals we interact with. I have watched fish freeze, there is no
thrashing or violence involved, they simply sleep and pass and very quickly,
within 10 minutes. It has been observed a frog will leap out of boiling water,
but stay in water as it gradually raises to the boiling point and die. A
natural responce by fish to lowering temperature is slowing body functions and
sleep. I believe this to be the most humane way to peacefully end their lives.
And i remind those people, perhaps catching this conversation somewhere in the
middle, the reason we end thier lives is because they have a profoundly
negative impact on the native species, who's waters they infest.
				I understand the fine line between captiolism and conservation, but all,
without exception, all conservation organizations have to be funded to be able
to continue. Our methods are creative and productive. I look forward to a
continuing conversation on this line.
Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program, NFC