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Re: NFC: NFC "sanctions" and our detractors...

Robert, Chuck,  et al,

It isn't that I'm opposed to a commercial venture per se, but the 
nature of this particular one.  I would love it if we did T-shirts, etc.  
But do you see the Audobon society selling wild-caught birds as 

Our detractors (few though they are) would point out that THEIR 
organisation would never condone such an activity, and I have 
heard it mentioned that a since at least one of the NFC's members 
was selling wild-caught natives (legally, of course), they doubted 
our sincerity.  Sour grapes?  Perhaps.  I'm being somewhat 
abstract here because we don't need to relive certain 

I approved of auctioning exotics, as this was one of our programs 
from the start and served a demonstrable purpose.  And I don't see 
anything wrong with a person who wants to sell natives 
commercially and legally, as that will promote interest in natives.  
But I think it is wrong to give such an individual an official stamp of 
approval by a conservation organization that wishes to be taken 
> All,
> I think this is a good topic to discuss. Let me frame this in a bit by
> saying  to do any real conservation you need BIG money. And that Audobon
> , TNC, and TU< DU are pretty commercial they have the official T shirts,
> calenders clocks, trees etc of XYZ they use this to raise funds, support
> a position and raise public awareness.....So with our small size and
> newness I was surprised we had any detractors. I'd be interested to see
> the pro and con arguments of conservation commercialism which is really
> what we are talking about......



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