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NFC: detractors and conservation

Well, I thought I'd make a couple of comments on the subject in general.
First of all, no matter what we do, someone will find fault with us; we must
expect this but try to avoid what we can.  The nice thing about a small,
flexible group is that if we do catch ourselves screwing up, we can adapt

Personally, I have no problems with anyone catching and selling exotics as
long as it is strictly within the law and done in an ethical, humane way.  It
goes without saying that things like round gobies and zebra mussels would be

One area we might have problems is that it has been stated that ERPS fish that
are not sold or not sellable are destroyed.  There will always be people that
will have problems with that (though actually if sold correctly, it is a
positive selling point).  I  think that we must be careful on deciding the
method of euthanasia and make sure that it will stand up to scrutiny.  

Another area that we might have a problem with is:  do we have any projects
for other than Florida?  I am unaware of what our plans are, though they very
well may be on the website.  Being small, we can only do so much, but at least
have some projects and results elsewhere seems like a good idea.

I am going to mention a word here that some (certainly not me) have a problem
with:  "profit."  If Darryl and others can go out and make a profit while
improving the ecosystem, more power to them.  I may be wrong, but I doubt that
there is much there. But I could be wrong.  I'd like to figure out a way to
make my hobbies and volunteer efforts not cost me a lot of money; to get them
to break even or even be partially self supporting would be wonderful.  I can
see where some would be bothered by a member actually coming our ahead while
using the organization as a vehicle.  Like I said, I have no problem with it
personally, but perhaps we can hear from others on the subject.  

Well, it is late and I need sleep.  I'll try to think on the subject a little

One last thought.  If we can determine some areas where we may be vulnerable
to criticism, let us think out our procedures careful and prepare in advance
statements to support our actions.  There will still be some that will
continue to disagree, but we can show that we took the problem seriously and
thought out our position.  It beats trying to respond to a complicated issue
under pressure.  

In the words of a successful man I used to work for:  Proper Preparation and
Planning Precludes Piss Poor Performance.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA