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Re: NFC: seeking pumpkinseeds

I believe Ray wolff in wisconsin gets them on a regular basis...I will
forward your note to him....Good luck ...BTW have you checked with any
bait dealers ?

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 15:23:36 +0000 "Thom DeWitt" <dewitt at ceeb_uky.edu>
>Hello.  I am an aquatic ecologist and a newcomer to this list.
>I wanted to introduce myself and ask for help obtaining pumpkinseed
>I study the genetics of a freshwater snail (Physa) as relates to 
>resisting two major predators, crayfish (Orconectes) and pumpkinseed 
>sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) in natural populations.  Details can be 
>found on my webpage (URL below).
>My main reason in contacting NFC now is to ask for help obtaining 
>pumpkinseed sunfish for my research.  The fish will be kept in 
>good health in aqaria.  They are needed to generate fish-scented 
>water, which stimulates snails to more crush-resistant shells.  
>That's right, the snails genes for shell growth change their 
>expression based on the presence or absence of fish smell.
>Would anyone out there be willing to send 30-50 small (4-7 cm) fish 
>to me.  I can reimburse shipping costs and pay $50-100 for the favor.
>Thom DeWitt
>Dr. Thomas J. DeWitt
>Research Assistant Professor
>Center for Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior
>TH Morgan School of Biological Sciences
>University of Kentucky
>Lexington, KY 40506-0225
>tel 606/323-4992; fax 257-1717; email dewitt at ceeb_uky.edu

Robert Rice
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