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Re: NFC: seeking pumpkinseeds

You have it right.  The fish-induced shells not changed genes. 
It is merely the _expression_ of given genes that changes based on 
the presence or absence of fish smell. Thus there is both a genetic and 
environmental component to shell shape and strength.

Neat stuff if I do say so myself : )
The story is dragged out in excruciating detail on my webpage, if you 
wanted to learn more.  Questions are always welcome.


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> Thom,
>   Although pretty much everything is frozen up here, making any help
> rather... difficult at best, your work did strike a bit of curiosity.
>  You stated that the snails could change their genes in response to the
> presense of fish.... are you sure this is a genetic change, which would be
> passed down to young and so forth, and not just a reaction to the fish
> scent, the same way your hair grows faster after a haircut, plants grow
> differently if you clip the terminal bud, etc.  ?
> end
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