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NFC: seeking pumpkinseeds

Hello.  I am an aquatic ecologist and a newcomer to this list.
I wanted to introduce myself and ask for help obtaining pumpkinseed

I study the genetics of a freshwater snail (Physa) as relates to 
resisting two major predators, crayfish (Orconectes) and pumpkinseed 
sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) in natural populations.  Details can be 
found on my webpage (URL below).

My main reason in contacting NFC now is to ask for help obtaining 
pumpkinseed sunfish for my research.  The fish will be kept in 
good health in aqaria.  They are needed to generate fish-scented 
water, which stimulates snails to more crush-resistant shells.  
That's right, the snails genes for shell growth change their 
expression based on the presence or absence of fish smell.

Would anyone out there be willing to send 30-50 small (4-7 cm) fish 
to me.  I can reimburse shipping costs and pay $50-100 for the favor.

Thom DeWitt

Dr. Thomas J. DeWitt
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior
TH Morgan School of Biological Sciences
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0225

tel 606/323-4992; fax 257-1717; email dewitt at ceeb_uky.edu