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Re: NFC: Walleye (fwd)

It is my understanding that there is, in fact, a major difference in 
behavior between the juveniles and adults.  Adult walleye are VERY light 
sensitive due to a structure called the tapidum lucidum in their 
retinas, which allows them to see in very low light conditions.  I 
believe that the sensitivity of their eyes increases as they mature.

Large (or small)  walleye should not be in pet stores.  They need 
specialized conditions which most aquarists cannot provide including  
especially appropriate sized tanks, low light conditions, cool water, 
live fish for food.  Walleye don't do flakes. Also, keeping game fish 
usually requires specialized permits in order to stay out of trouble 
with the law.

'Nuff said.

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>Subject: Walleye
>Has anyone had any experience in keeping a walleye in an aquarium?  
I've seen
>them in local aquariums but the fish do not look too happy.  They just 
sit at
>the bottom and don't move, possibly because they are sensitive to the 
light.  I
>have seen fingerlings being sold in a pet store and these fish are 
swimming all
>over the place.  So is there a difference in aquarium behavior between 
>and adults when they are put in an aquarium or is the difference 
between locally
>bred walleye and walleye that have been hatched in the wild?

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