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NFC: Re: Re:Rednecks/big*** fish


    Robert said you have bred bowfin.  Is this correct?  I am interested in
any info you can share.  I agree
with you about large fish.

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From: R W Wolff <raywolff at juno_com>
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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 6:01 PM
Subject: NFC: Re:Rednecks/big*** fish

>>They don't do this because the rednecks who buy them don't care!
>>All they care about is getting a bad-ass fish they can brag about.
>>Few LFS's will refuse to sell such a fish to a person who insists on
>>buying it even though they obviously will kill it soon enough.
>I take exception to both these statements.  Being a Redneck, and keeping
>a few very good sized fish, that I'm proud to brag about there
>capabilities of  them taking an arm  off.  I agree with Michael Hissoms
>statements about large fish, and the fact that this is "finger pointing"
>[see subject line!] .What this boils down to, unless you keep one of the
>few species that actually lives in puddles all its life, you are cramping
>its style.  Let's not get like the dog people who have to have problems
>with all the people who buy a rott, dobey, or pit bull, and take care of
>it, only to be labeled "Dumb Rednecks who want a vicious dog"  It only
>takes one knot-head  to mistreat something, and a whole group will be
>there to label everyone else that keeps the same thing by the same name,
>even those these other people were doing right.
>Ray (sorry about the double post, I never did this, but thought this time
>was necessary)
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