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Re: Large predatory fish (was Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd))


    Do you have a good source for redfin pickeral?  I am very interested in
spawning this fish.

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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 2:22 PM
Subject: Re: Large predatory fish (was Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd))

>I have finally received my permits to posses and breed redfin pickerel so
>maybe we'll see a few more in the trade soon. I know you mean well when you
>suggest keeping one fish over another but some people have their reason for
>wanting to keep a certain fish. One guy I know keeps large mouth bass in
>hope he can somehow figure out a food they can't resist so he can catch a
>trophy fish, I don't have the heart to tell him in captivity once they
>recognize you as the food bringer they'll eat almost anything you put in
>tank. I don't think it's bad to keep big fish, it's the trying to keep big
>fish in severely confined spaces that bothers me. Even small fish are often
>over crowded to point of cruelty. What (I think) we need to do is not only
>provide accurate information about the keeping of fish, but emphasize the
>for people to know all they can about the animals in their tanks and the
>importance to understand they are living breathing beings not self
>toys for our amusement. If you want a big fish, be prepared to spend a lot
>money and time providing for it. if you have a small tank, don't over
>Pet shop owners, provide your customers with the necessary knowledge about
>fish they keep, don't sell someone with a 15 gal tank 3 Oscars and tell him
>they'll grow to the size of the their environment. One reason I try to
>push people towards live plant tanks with the fish as secondary inhabitants
>crowding doesn't usually occur that way and way to large fish are usually
>avoided. Information, it's a powerful thing, use it!
>                                                           Michael