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Re: Large predatory fish (was Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd))

I have finally received my permits to posses and breed redfin pickerel so
maybe we'll see a few more in the trade soon. I know you mean well when you
suggest keeping one fish over another but some people have their reason for
wanting to keep a certain fish. One guy I know keeps large mouth bass in the
hope he can somehow figure out a food they can't resist so he can catch a
trophy fish, I don't have the heart to tell him in captivity once they
recognize you as the food bringer they'll eat almost anything you put in the
tank. I don't think it's bad to keep big fish, it's the trying to keep big
fish in severely confined spaces that bothers me. Even small fish are often
over crowded to point of cruelty. What (I think) we need to do is not only
provide accurate information about the keeping of fish, but emphasize the need
for people to know all they can about the animals in their tanks and the
importance to understand they are living breathing beings not self propelled
toys for our amusement. If you want a big fish, be prepared to spend a lot of
money and time providing for it. if you have a small tank, don't over crowd.
Pet shop owners, provide your customers with the necessary knowledge about the
fish they keep, don't sell someone with a 15 gal tank 3 Oscars and tell him
they'll grow to the size of the their environment. One reason I try to gently
push people towards live plant tanks with the fish as secondary inhabitants is
crowding doesn't usually occur that way and way to large fish are usually
avoided. Information, it's a powerful thing, use it!