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Re: NFC: Winter collecting

I've found winter collecting to be great.  Many species are congragrated
around areas of open water ( where there is ice) and in more oxygenated
spots in open water, like culvert out flows.  One problem with winter
collecting is weeds are died back, so they are no help in trapping fish
in the net, but the leaves from fall take thier place.  the biggest
problem with winter collecting is the cold, YUCK. I have coined a term
for the dip nets when they freeze in the open postion, witch hats.  Also
the water sloshing in the buckets on the way home will form a ring of ice
in the bucket at highway speeds in the back of my truck and does
sometimes break loose and knock out some fish.
If it is that cold , I usually am only out collecting food fish, and not
fun, otherwise I'd be home with a hot cup of coffee, or a nice cold beer
watching the fish in my tanks.

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