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NFC: Pirinah overwinters in Indiana FFarm Pond

Keith's Cichlid Trading Post 
Re: Nice article Mr. Rice
Wednesday, 25-Nov-98 14:17:19 writes:

Nice article. Saw the article in the last two issues of TFH the other day
also. I like natives more everyday. I also like the cichlids you all get
too. I am a breeder of cichlids mostly african but I also like American
cichlids. As a fisherman I like the peacock bass the best. used to have
one, he died. The fish was 17 inches long. If you or any of your friends
would like to email me with their cichlids to get rid of I maybe able to
work something out. I also have another story. Here in Indiana I was
fishing a pond and hooked a bluegill (or so I thought) that was what we
were fishing for. The fish was on a bed and pretty big for a 'gill. I
dangled my bait in front of it. The fish backed up for a second and then
slammed my bait. When the fight ensued I realized this was no bluegill. I
hauled up a 4 pound piranha. The pond owner admitted to dumping the fish
in last summer. The fish SURVIVED the winter temps in Indiana. Really
opened my eyes. Don't release fish into the wild anywhere.

(the street lugin' fish nut) 

Keith Fellmy  

Robert Rice
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