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NFC: RE: NANFA-- RE: Handbook of Darters

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>> From: B.G. Granier [mailto:bgkajun at worldnet_att.net]
>> Sent: Monday, November 30, 1998 5:29 PM
>> To: nanfa
>> Subject: NANFA-- RE: Handbook of Darters
>> Dear Members,
>> I just received a book written by DR. Larry Page, the
>> Handbook of Darters
>> and it is excellent!
>> If you're interested in Darters, then this book is a
>> "must-have" for your
>> library!
>> Thanks to the New England Zoological Supply and Andy Borgia
>> for putting out
>> the word on this out-of-print book, available for NANFA members at the
>> reasonable price of $26 plus shipping!
>> Quantities are limited, so I suggest that you contact Rick at the CC'd
>> address to reserve your own copy! Rick Rego, newzoo at juno_com,
>> will get one in the mail to you as soon as possible!
>> BG
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