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Re: NFC: DP -- Collecting Day

you should try standard fly fishing gear.  Works wonders :)

mcclurg luke e wrote:

> Hey all,
>   Well, my kidney infection has finally cleared up and I was able to get
> out and do some serious collecting today.  I went to my favorite spot on
> the edge of the Flint Hills where I have collected Orangethroat Darter and
> Longears in abundance.  Luck was with me today as well as I managed to
> haul in several dozen quality Orangethroats,  a few as of yet unidentified
> sunfish (but probably Longears), a couple dozen unidentified shiners
> (mostly Cyprinela lutrensis I think), several Bluntnose Minows I threw
> back, several young sucker type minnows I kept a few an threw the rest
> back...anyone know how to ID young 'Redhorses'?  think I might have a
> Golden Redhorse about 2 inches long..., a half dozen or so slender
> Madtoms, some crayfish I threw back and even a frog!  All in all a quite
> rewarding day...but I would have liked to have collected more young
> sunfish.  maybe if the 3 teenage 'yahoos' who came buy about halfway
> through my day and started pitching rocks into the water around my traps
> hadn't come along I might have.  Little snots even took and untied one of
> my traps and thre the string in the water. Luckinly the trap was heavy
> enough and the current light enough it didn't get washed away.  But, what
> can you do?  It's a public area and they got as much right to pitch rocks
> in the water as I do to fish in it...
> Had several 'stumbly bumblies' today.  You know, the kind where you catch
> your toe on a rock and suddenly have to do the 5 yard dash to catch your
> feet up under you before you fall.  would be quite amusing on "America's
> Funniest Videos".  But it got me to thinking even more heavily about
> safety.  I think we need to try and stress that more in our
> collecting...especially to the new guys.  I know that our testosterone
> soaked brains don't like the idea, but we should maybe start looking into
> safety gear such as life belts and head protection.  (those rocks DO have
> hands you know...yessireee, just reached up and grabbed me today, they
> did)  Safety is especially important for us yahoos who go out on our own
> with no collecting partners.  (in these cases a cellular phone might be a
> good idea for emergencies)
> Anyway, that's a short account of my collecting day and some ideas to
> poinder over.  What does anyone else think?
> Luke