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Re: NFC: OFF TOPIC: Iam a dog killer now....

My condolences, Robert.  However, this incident illustrates the danger 
of allowing pets to roam, where they may be killed or maimed by traffic 
or cause an accident.  In either case, the death of the animals and 
injury to drivers, may be lingering and painful - and is totally 
avoidable if the owners keep their pets on a leash.

While we don't think much about it, freeranging pets, especially cats, 
can be serious predators on native wildlife.  Research has documented 
that the AVERAGE free-roaming cat kills over 300 songbirds and small 
mammals yearly.  Feral and domestic cats are major predators of ground 
nesting birds such as grouse, quail, etc. in Virginia and points south.   
Dogs are well known to harass and kill deer and may drive them out onto 
highways, where they can cause traffic accidents and fatal collisions.  

Do your pets a favor.  Keep them inside or on a leash. 

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>While driving home from the grocery store his evening I hit and killed
>what appears to be a rottwieler. I own a rott so am familier with the
>breed, Anyhow it will cost me 250 bucks plus ( I have a 250 
>to get a new front end on my new truck and it cost this dog its life.  
>allow a dog o run free on a major hiway is beyond me. Bottom line is I
>lost 250$ and a dog lost its life. For no good reason. So control your
>beasties and avoid this tragedy. Otherwise fear me and my death dog
>truck..........BTW I felt worse about killing the dog than he owner 
>I was near tears and he was near drunk. Anyhow  I now have something 
>to write about. 
>Robert Rice
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