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NFC: Fw: Breeding Notropis

Please respond to Both John and the list..........

Robert Rice
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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 01:17:16 EST
Subject: Breeding Notropis
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How are things in Florida? It looks like the drought you were having when
was down there in May has ended. Hopefully the habitats can recover. 

The fish I collected are still going strong but I have a question for
you. I
have been able to maintain them and have had some success breeding the
omata and F. cingulatus, but  I am at a loss with the Notropis
signipinnis and
the N. hypselopterus. Any tips on what could entice them to breed?  The
that I now have appeared to be juveniles when collected. 

My wife and I will be in New Orleans in mid December so hopefully I'll
get out
to do a little collecting. Not the best time of year but you never know.

John Boylan
jkboylan at aol_com 


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