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NFC: DP water safety

Since we are on the subject, I'd like to mention a couple of things I learned
in Red Cross lifesaving classes and first hand experience.  

NEVER try to safe someone drowning by trying to grab them personally unless
you are well trained.  They will probably take you with them.  I had two
friends drown that way and the supposed rescuer was trained.  I suspect
alcohol was involved like in most drownings.

What you CAN do is extend a pole (seine net, dip net, strong tree limb) or
rope to them or even a T-shirt or pants but do NOT get within arms length of
them.  The victim is panicked and will cling to you and take you down with
him.  No matter how strong your are or if you are a great swimmer, unless
trained you will NOT be able to control the situation.  In lifesaving classes
they taught us how to get away from a victim you have lost control of, but
even with those skills I would use the above methods first before trying to
wrestle with a person in trouble.

Maybe a safety article should be on the web sites.

No fish is worth anyone getting hurt.  Even those 30" darters I keep seeing
when no one else is around. Seems like they were 24" in last week story.  :-)

Off soap box.

Former Lifeguard,

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana