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NFC: RE: Breeders Program Startup

To all Fellow Members,

Wanted for NFC breeder Program: Groups of breeding size fish of the following

Any Cyprinodon species except C. varigatus varigatus
Any Fundulus species except F. heteroclitus
Any Gambusia except G. affinis or holbrooki
Luxius cardinalis, Pteronotropis hypselopterus, P. welaka
Cyprinella lutrensis, Phoxinus oreas, P. tennesseensis
or any other colorful shiner , dace or minnow
Chologaster cornuta, Lepomis marginatus
Any Ellasoma except evergladei, zonatum

If at all possible fish must be accompanied with location information.  NFC
will cover all shipping charges incurred.
If you can help p[lease contact either Robert Rice at Ellasoma @aol.com or
Bill Duzen at Theduuz at aol_com.

For more info please see 
<A HREF="http://nativefish.interspeed.net/nfcBreed.htm">breeding programNative
Fish Conservancy</A>