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NFC: DP reply from non-fish friend - a little vulgar

I usually usually go to Tucson, Arizona once or twice a year and stay with
friends.  He is a helicopter pilot (AH-64 Apache) and sees a lot of stuff from
the air.  A couple of years ago he took some GPS coordinates of some
petroglyphs he flies over for us to hike out to. 

In my travels out there, I've only seen a few year round flowing water areas,
one of which is downstream from a sewage treatment plant and has no evidence
of life.  One site north of Tombstone they refer to as a river would be a
minor stream here in Indiana.  Figuring he also flies over other flowing
waters, I told him what type of sites I was looking for to possibly do a
little collecting next spring.  (I hope to hook up with anyone who lives out
there that might be interested).

Here is his reply:

>Fish collecting?  Yeah, the desert Southwest seems a real likely place
>for that.  Be careful of the Polar bears around the water.  They might
>mistake you for a seal. 

>We could try the sewage ponds.  That's about the only shallow, year
>round water I can think of.  Course, if it's brown and not moving much,
>it probably isn't a fish.  Might make a tasty pate' though, and the
>water can be used as a marinade for that rat jerky you wanted to make.

Chuck Church

Who Learned Most Of His Smart Aleck Ways From This Old Friend