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Re: NFC: new lists

Cyprinids are scientifically referred to as members of the family 
Cyprinidae, which have one dorsal fin, abdominal pelvic fins, a lateral 
line and cycloid scales on the body. Cyprinids are also known as 
minnows, and the family includes carp, goldfish, bitterlings, shiners, 
stonerollers, dace, tench, ide, hitch, chubs, pikeminnows (formerly 
known as squawfish), hardhead, chiselmouth, Sacramento Blackfish and 
minnows such as Brassy Minnow, Eastern Silvery Minnows. etc. Many 
species adapt easily to aquarium life, especially the smaller varieties 
of shiners and dace, and are commonly kept in native fish aquaria.

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>Glad you guys liked my idea of a predator list.  I think we may be able 
>draw some folks over from the sport fishing.
>Excuse my ignorance, but for me and other new folks, would you expand 
on what
>fish are in the Cyprinids family.
>Chuck Church

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