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Re: NFC: Re: NANFA-- endangerd fish

For working with state-listed species, all that is needed is the 
appropriate state permits.  Any and all work with Federal listed species 
requires Federal permits, along with state permits.  I would assume that 
if you were doing a project with a university, state agency, etc., that 
they could be the applicant and you could be their designated agent for 
the study. I am assuming that you are working on state-listed species, 
to which the Federal laws do not apply, unless they are also Federally 
listed species.

The prohibition on "pets" prevents people who just want to be in 
possession of an endangered species (i.e., snow leopard, Siberian tiger, 
certain monkeys, etc.) as a status symbol, etc. This removes an 
individual from a severely limited wild population without generating 
any data or knowledge that could be used to help the species recover.  
Capturing a limited number of individuals for captive breeding purposes 
is one activity that may qualify, if the recovery plan includes release 
of captive bred juveniles to supplement wild stocks or study of the 
captive individuals to increase the available knowledge of the species' 
habits, behavior, etc.. 

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>thank you to all who responded.
>So now after looking at the pages that i was referred to. I have 
>question.  The USFWS page says that they don't issue to people for "pet 
>purposes".   If I am working with differnt species for some SMP's am I 
>suppose to have these permits?

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