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Re: NFC: endangerd fish

Actually, there are several.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service maintains 
a listing called the "Red Book" (the color of the cover) which lists all 
of the species covered under CITES (Convention in Trade of Endangered 
Species).  Also, there are federal regulations concerning the 
import/export of listed species, which generally can only be done in 
extremely limited circumstances by eligible organizations. It does not 
differentiate between sources of endangered/threatened species - if they 
are on the list of banned organisms, they can't be imported except by an 
approved scientific organization.  While I am planning on getting a 
USFWS import/export permit for the NFC, primarily so we can legally 
export ERP or other fish to Canada or Europe, I don't think we will be 
importing endangered species in the next year or so.

For quick reference to endangered/threatened species, check out the 
report that Konrad Schmidt put together a few years back (1994) at the 
NANFA web site (http://www.nanfa.org/) in the "Information Resources" 
section. This report lists all of the endangered/threatened species on 
an individual state basis and also has a listing for Mexico.  Please 
note, however, that some of the scientific names are not current due to 
taxonomy changes.

The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes 
(http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/7130/) has cross-references from 
older scientific names to the current version.  For instance, the 
Mexican endangered species listing includes Goodea toweri (Blue-tailed 
goodeid), which is currently known as Ataenobius toweri.
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>hello all:)
>	Ok here is my question what are the regulations for having endangered 
>fish. Do they differ if it a mexican or african species?  Is there a 
>of all endangerd and threatened species of the world or in particular 
>mexico are of NA?
>mastberc at ssu_southwest.msus.edu

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