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NFC: Please Join

....Please take the time to join this worthwhile orgainzation

Native Fish Conservancy Application

The Native Fish Conservancy is a not for profit organization dedicated to
the conservation, study and keeping  of  native fishes. Anyone from
Naturalists, Aquarist  to Fishermen , to Professors and Fisheries staff
are welcome to join the  NFC.  If you love fish you will love the NFC.
Our  bimonthly newsletter the FLIER is sent to all  members.  It 
contains  information  on NFC  activities,  native  fish conservation  , 
fish  rearing, collecting  ,  breeding  and greater conservation issues.
Grants  available  to  NFC members  with  small  to  midsize projects 
that  benefit native fishes.  Any project  from  a home  breeding project
to serious research or land purchases may qualify for a NFC grant.
The  NFC  database. Our members have access to our literally hundreds  of
 articles on native fish. These  are  excellent resources   for  research
 minded  individuals.   They   are available at our WEBSITEdownloadable
as email files.
Our  WEBSITE at http://members.xoom.com/nativefishes available 24 hours a
 day to   people  interested  in  native  fish  conservation.  It
contains  a  wealth of contacts and information downloadable with a click
of the mouse.

Our  fast  growing email list at  it is the place  to get  together  with
 native fishheads be  they  amateurs  or professionals . Share inf. with
those around the world.  
NFC's club sanctioned trading posts and silent auctions . Purchase
donated items at a great price and help the organization. If individuals,
  Zoo's,  Universities  or   other   clubs   or institutions  are in need
of a special native  species  look here.  Perhaps you are a serious
breeder here you  can  earn breeding  points and cash awards by breeding
native  species in your home. Join our breeders club and share your data
and help the conservation movement.
Regional Chapters all across the country: Go collecting , help clean up a
stream, trade talk or just hang out with other conservation minded

Detach the below and mail it with a check or a Money Order
to NFC's membership director :
Konrad Schmidt
1663 Iowa Avenue East
St. Paul Minnesota 55106





RATES      STUDENT   (grade school -college )  ------------5$
Regular (all others) -------------10 $ Bussiness rate --------$100
(includes free add on our website)
Students  please  include :  School name  __________________
Student ID Number___________________
I'm Interesting in volunteering
_____Locally_________Nationally (check one )  please contact me !

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com or  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/

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