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Re: NFC: NFC offer (fwd)


He would like a a 40$ trio of fish so he can spend 10$ to join the NFC. I
think not....Parting 10$ from some people for anything but fish is like
pulling out an organ......:)

I'll join the nFC if you give me a new car , a new house and a really
cute wife...:)

back to lurker mode......

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998 14:26:09 -0500 (EST) Josh Wiegert
<wiegerj at paul_paulsmiths.edu> writes:
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>Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 11:31:04 -0700
>From: William Zuck <wzuck at btigate_com>
>To: nfc at actwin_com
>Subject: NFC offer
>I have read the October, 1998 issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist's 
>Society News section on the NFC membership drive.  I would be 
>in joining if I could get some Belonesox Belizanus trios for my
>membership.  I have been interested in this species for some time.
>Furthermore,  I'm an avid sports fisherman and have seen what 
>species do to native populations when they are not thought of in
>advance.  Gambusia Affinis is a prime example around where I live 
>the ever common Carp.  Please let me know if you can obtain some
>Belonesox Belizanus?

Robert Rice
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