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NFC: From the 2nd Flier

Presidents Report No 1: Flier heading to printer next week.....

Thanks to all of you the inaugural members of the NFC. We have done a
great deal together.  We have navigated all the red tape that comes with
a new non profit agency. Without the considerable efforts of our
volunteers we would never have come this far this fast I thank you.

While administrative work is important work it is not why we  are here.
We are here to support the conservation of native Fish  in practical
ways. In this country only a few dollars are spent and a few people care
about our non game species. As a result common species are ignored and
uncommon ones are written off. We seek to change that.

We are taking a simple approach to these problems. First off we are
collecting and sharing information. Our website at
http://nativefish.interspeed.net/ is a clearing house for articles , life
histories, photo's and the like. This site is already one of the largest
databases on Native Fish on the web,  and is constantly growing. With
increased public knowledge will come greater public involvement. Secondly
we are getting involved locally. We are supporting projects like
Classroom Aquariums, Stream Cleanups or just taking some kids fishing or
collecting. When I say We I really mean You ! When you see a opportunity
to help locally , do it. If you need expertise in some way or another Ask
! If You need supplies Ask ! I can be reached by email
robertrice at juno_com , or at 2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Florida 32566.
I'll be able to help you get started. You however must supply the drive
and desire. So Ask Away!

With our extensive conservation agenda we have taken on several projects
already.  Including stocking  a new Aquarium at the Lowery Park Zoo in
Orlando Florida , Setting up a Blackbanded Sunfish Life history study in
partnership with the Florida Fresh Water  Fish Commission , and our
Exotics removal Program. A simple program, that removes exotics from
southern waterways. Destroying a high percentage , returning none and 
selling the rest to aquarist up north. The Proceeds are used to fund
further conservation efforts here in the NFC. We will also soon be
setting up a special fund for conservation easements and land purchases.
In my opinion this is the single best way to preserve our aquatic
heritage, by preserving our watersheds. 

As you can see we have just begun to work locally . The job is big and we
will need as many of you as we can to join us . So get involved, sign up
a friend to the NFC. Start a 4H or Scout Troop project. Do what excites
you. Let us help you , help your local waterways. So either as a passive
member or as a project worker. you are important and needed. Your
membership fees allow these grass roots projects to occur. So any kind of
 help is good help. Whether its 1$ or one hour of your time it all makes
a difference.

  Not  many people know or care much about darters, killies, pygmy
sunfishes and the like. Someday through our efforts they will. So be
prepared , because often times our efforts will be lonely ones. It does
not make them any less important or right. It does however make them a
bit more difficult. Because of our special focus we will never be as big
as the REAL big conservation organizations out there. That's just fine,
we know our niche. Those unloved little guys. We are here to serve and to
partner with any organization that has a common ground. For example our
land purchases will probably never be huge, however if we partner with
other conservation organizations, together we can preserve significant
land that benefits our fishes and the wildlife around it. Conservation
does not occur in a vacuum. One can not save the Elk without saving all
that's around him. That simply will be our approach. To act locally and
partner nationally. 

Have a great Holiday and please take some time this season to spend some
time with your family in the great outdoors.

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com or  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/