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NFC: Darter Tank in limited room

As anyone can tell by the recent new e-mail adress, I've recently
relocated to a college.  Unfortunately, I only have a very limited ammount
of room -- basically I can, on the dresser, squeeze in a 20 G tank.  This
currently has become a planted tank for numerous south american fishes.
Unfortunately, the water here isn't too conductive to the keeping of dwarf
cichlids and tetras.  Moreover, the nearest pet shop is some 40-50 miles
away, making getting those even difficult.  There is the possibility of
adding an additional tank next semester (after christmas break).
Welp, I'd like to use this tank to keep my favorite natives - Darters.  
Any ideas on how to squeeze them into a 20G standard sized tank?  

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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