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NFC: RE: Re: Writers Contest........

I thought that the final date was feb2 I have two articles in the works, 
one on Charcodons, the other on Xiphorus pygmeaus.  With classes, the 50+ 
tanks, a dobermann and my fiancee, the writting is goig as fast as can be 


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Subject: 	NFC: Re: Writers Contest........

Uhg!! You guys didn't get off yer lazy cans and write a single stitch, but
Dave?!?  Tsk Tsk!!  Even with all the prizes offered. . . . I vote we give
Dave a prize just the same.
Seriously, though, this was really a good opportunity for an amatuer
writer to see hisor her name in print.  Beyond just the potential for
getting a prize, theres much to "win."  Theres the chance to share your
experiences with a broad of people, theres the chance just to write.
Writing articles and so on is -=the best=- way to not only share knowledge
but to help bring others into the hobby -- this branch or others.  If it
wasn't for Bob Goldstein's AFM articles and Robert Rice's constant
spamming of the newsgroups ( :p at RR), I know I'd probably be content
with my Appistogramma, and never would have cared what was down in the
bottom of the stream (Hell, I'd probably still think, and be happy in my
ignorantfull bliss that those E. olmstedi really were Algae Eaters that
someone introduced, as I'd been told!)
Ok, enough soapboxing for me. :)

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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> Subject: Writers Contest........
> NoExotics at listbot_com - Reply to NoExotics at listbot_com and please join us 
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> Due to Lack of involvement the Writers contest has been Cancelled. The
> Closure date was coming up and we have had but 1 submission  from Dave
> Hall. It was not worth useing up our good graces from TFH on a contest
> that has met with a cold reception.Perhaps at a later date when the e
> list is a bit larger we will try it again.........Thanks to all who
> participanted :)
> Robert Rice
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