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Re: NFC: How to raise blackworms

>I keep my worms in a wastebasket with about 1" of gravel covering the
>bottom.  The water is filtered and aerated by a Tetra Brillant sponge filter
>attached to a pane of glass.  (The suction cups wouldn't stick to the side
>of the wastebasket.)  In hindsight, it would be easier to use a 5-gallon
>bucket with a free-standing sponge filter such as the Jungle Dirt Magnet.
>Even more worms could be kept in a 10-gallon tank, which is inexpensive.
>Blackworms can be fed just about any type of plant matter, such as banana
>peels, potato peels, bread, or crackers.  The sponge filter keeps the water
>clear and prevents the worms from suffocating, and a properly maintained
>setup has no smell at all.  I just rinse the sponge and change about 1/2
>gallon of the water every week.

Guess I should have joined the chat.  :(

Having just dumped 4 ounces of blackworms on the floor and experienced the
messy cleanup, I am curious about whether the worms climb the sides of your
trash basket.  Even in my fridge, they climb the sides of the container
they're in and crawl across the cover.

Also:  How far below the rim of the container is the water surface?  How
(to avoid collecting the "food" the worms are eating) and how often do you
harvest?  Why do you put any gravel at all in?  The Carolina article on
raising blackworms suggests bare tank with paper towel strips.  Doesn't
gravel just get in the way?

TIA for any ideas.  It's getting expensive to keep my fish in store-bought
worms. :)