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Re: NANFA-- Re: NFC: Suggestion (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:45:30 -0500
From: Todd Crail <crailz at glasscity_net>
Reply-To: nanfa at aquaria_net
To: nanfa at aquaria_net
Subject: Re: NANFA-- Re: NFC: Suggestion

Jay you silly butt... When did I bring it up?  :)

Ok.  People won't change.  I love natives, so screw the sentiment.

Someone find me a SQL Server and make a DSN called "NativeFish".  Provide me
with Full Rights Access on the corresponding FTP server in a folder named
"Native" with a subdirectory called "Images" for user tcrail.  Email me
personally with the pw.  Oh, and create a database named NAFish with a table
named Native.  Include the fields "FishID"- int, "FishName" - varchar 75,
"SciName" - varchar 75, "Image" -varchar 100, "Information" - Memo, and
"RelatedArticles" - Memo.

Someone else talk to Konrad, Univ of Texas, etc to see if the image files
can be downloaded and used on this comprehensive site.  This will  clear the
clutter, make text entry one thousand times easier (existing files,
documents, and new typing will have the ability to cut and paste into the
Admin folder).

I just checked Internic for the domain "nanativefish.org" and it is
available.  No division, no politic-ing.  I will purchase the domain because
I believe in it (and then no one else can give me crap.. At least, any that
I'll bother to listen to :) and if someone else can do this other leg work..
I will make it happen, because selfishly, I WANT TO SEE THIS WORK. And as
Jay pointed out... People won't change.

There you go.  The makings of an excellent site.  Please, steal the idea (so
I don't have to do anything with it ;) and someone please post this to the
NFC list (the more the merrier :).


Hey! That a kewl new name for me.. I don't think I've seen that one before